CCTV Installations In Blackpool

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    Expert CCTV Installations Across Blackpool

    Our CCTV installations team at New Vision Services understand that you want to ensure your home, property or business is properly protected. That’s why we offer professional installation services across Blackpool and the North West to help you fulfil that important goal. 

    Only ever using industry-leading CCTV equipment, the security technology we install comes from expert brands like Dahua, Genie, Ajax and Viper. This means that your property will be guarded day in, day out from unwanted intruders. Upon installation, we will explain how to best use your new CCTV equipment, and we will also talk you through any accompanying mobile applications which come with the system.

    We undertake CCTV, camera service provider and security installations across Blackpool for:

    • Businesses/Offices
    • Farm
    • Public buildings
    • Hotels
    • Vans

    The Importance of CCTV in Blackpool

    Named as one of Lancashire’s towns with the highest crime rate, Blackpool is victim to criminal activity every day. In 2o22, the overall crime rate was noted to be 162 crimes per 1,000 residents, which is 95% higher than Lancashire’s average. This is why installing CCTV in your Blackpool premises is essential in order to keep your home or business safe. 

    We Are A NDAA Compliant Company

    NDAA Compliant Logo

    Compliance is key when it comes to CCTV. We pride ourselves on following important rules and regulations surrounding security systems, so you can rest assured that all the products we used are compliant according to the NDAA. 

    You can always rely on our professional services from our camera configuration team whilst we undertake our CCTV installations in Blackpool.

    Great Value CCTV Installations In Blackpool

    At New Vision Services, we know that it should not cost the earth to keep your home or property safe. 

    Our company provide full CCTV installations right from the product choice, down to the wiring for fantastic value prices and full product warranties included. 

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    CCTV Installations in Blackpool - Blackpool Tower

    Professional CCTV Installations Across The North West

    Our friendly and experienced team are well-equipped to install any of our CCTV security systems at your home, business or vehicle. 

    We undertake CCTV installations in various locations, including but not limited to:

    Expert Advice From Us

    The New Vision Services team are always available to offer you impartial and expert advice where our CCTV products and installations are concerned. And, the support does not end once you have your products set up in your home, business or vehicle. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

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    Smart CCTV Solutions

    Most of our products are integrated with smart technology, meaning you are able to view live CCTV footage from your laptop, smartphone or device no matter what your location. Upon our installation, we will set you up with any mobile applications which are associated with your new CCTV products.


    Ask Your Questions

    Most of our products are equipped with smart capabilities, meaning that they are perfect for the modern world. If you are unsure as to whether your CCTV system holds these capabilities, contact our team about it today. Contact our team if you’d like to find out more.

    Generally, our systems only take a few hours to install into your property. However, this is dependent on the size of the location we are installing the product and how many items are required.

    As with most things of this nature, the cost of installation is completely dependent on the size of the project, the number of cameras, the time it takes to install and so on. For an accurate quote for your individual property, contact us here: 01942 644002 or email

    From small business setups, to hotels, family homes, remote locations and more, we have you covered at New Vision Services. Our CCTV surveillance products are suitable for various uses.

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