Can Tenants Install CCTV Cameras In The UK

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When you rent your property, there can be a lot of ambiguity over what you can and can’t do. Installing a CCTV camera can be quite a grey area for both tenants and landlords. Read on to see whether tenants can install CCTV cameras and what your rights are as a tenant or landlord.

Can tenants install security cameras?

In most cases tenants can install CCTV cameras in rented properties in the UK. While there is no law against tenants installing CCTV at rented accommodation, it is worth checking whether there are any stipulations in your rental agreement with regards to installing security cameras. For example, your landlord may explicitly state against the installation of CCTV systems or that you must take such devices with you upon moving.

As with privately owned properties, if you do install CCTV at a rental property then it must only cover your property, entranceway, and designated parking spot if you have one. While you can install cameras in communal areas such as kitchens, living areas and corridors or stairwells it is worth checking with neighbours and your landlord before installation to avoid any problems.

Many tenants also opt for wireless CCTV cameras to avoid excess drilling to interior walls. Likewise, it is worth checking whether your landlord wants you to uninstall your CCTV if you do move properties, even if it does not overtly state this in your contract.

Can landlords install security cameras?

Yes, landlords can install CCTV at their rental properties. Indeed many do so to protect their properties and also give their property an extra edge on the letting market. After all, tenants are more likely to let a property if they feel safe and invested in by their landlord.

If a landlord wants to install CCTV while tenants are living in the property, it’s worth letting them, and any neighbours, know beforehand to avoid disruptions. Likewise, it would be preferable if tenants know how to work the system and know what areas the cameras cover.

How can New Vision Services help?

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