How To Register Your Home CCTV Cameras With Lancashire Police


Do you have CCTV cameras installed at your home? Well, did you know that you can register those CCTV cameras with your local police force? Read on to see how you can register your home security and why you should do it.

Why should you register home security systems with the police?

We all want to keep our homes and businesses safe. Registering your home CCTV cameras with the police is a great way to do that.

Lancashire Police Say: “By registering your cameras with the Community Portal you will streamline the information exchange, making it easier for us to identify which of your cameras may have evidential footage and will simplify the processing of making it available to the Investigating Officer.”

Don’t worry, you aren’t giving the police 24/7 access to your CCTV system. But, you are making it easier for them to request and collect footage in the event of an investigation involving, or near to, your home. They will only ever have access to the CCTV footage you send them and the service is entirely voluntary and free.

In a nutshell, registering your CCTV system helps the police to solve crimes quicker – something we can all agree is a great benefit for our local communities!

How to register home CCTV cameras with the police?

To register your CCTV cameras, simply email your name and contact email to Following this, you will receive a registration link where you can provide details of your cameras or security system. Registration is straightforward and you’ll be sent handy guides to help you along the way.

For more information on registering your home CCTV cameras to the police, head to the Lancashire Constabulary website. 


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