Ajax Wireless Security System

Using enhanced technology, the Ajax Wireless Security System is your all in one security system that helps to detect intruders, fire and water to protect your home or business from all eventualities. And, as it can be integrated with existing wireless systems it’s easy to install and set up. The Ajax Security System is ideal for:

  • Businesses/Offices
  • Manufacturing
  • Public buildings
  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • Hospitals

Protect Against Intruders

The Ajax Wireless Security System can detect intruders, broken glass and doors opening to protect your home from unwanted visitors. The Ajax alarm system can then sound an alarm and notify you of an intruder. The Ajax alarm installer can also cleverly decipher between intruders and pets so you don’t receive any false alarms. 


Protect Against Fire

Built in sensors are able to detect fire, gas or other poisonous gases, and suspicious rises in temperature. If these are detected the alarms sound alerting users to threats and protecting lives, homes and businesses.

Protect Against Water

Get notified if a pipe breaks or an appliance begins to leak. You can even configure automatic water shut-off in case there’s a flood while you’re away helping to protect furnishings and your home or business.

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Discreet Appearance

The slimline, sleek appearance of the Ajax hub and sensor plus the wireless technology means the device is discreet and won’t look out of place in your home. 

Smart Software

The Ajax Security System connects seamlessly to your phone, tablet or laptop so you can keep an eye on your home or business wherever you are. It can even be effortlessly integrated with existing wireless systems for ease of CCTV camera setup Ajax. 

The security system can also send alerts to your device should there be a problem. 


All Weather Protection

The Ajax Motion Sensor is fully weatherproof and can therefore be used in outdoor settings such as gardens, driveways or entrances to provide full protection.  

Expert Installations

Our team can install and set up the Ajax Security Hub and Sensor for you to help you get up and running quickly. Contact us for a free, no obligation installation quote. 

Ajax Security System Installation

Unlike standard security systems the Ajax System can differentiate between false alarms, such as pets moving around, and genuine security risks therefore eliminating false alarms and improving accuracy. 

With a slimline design both the Ajax sensor and hub can be used at home or in businesses. The waterproof technology means the Security System can be used indoors or outdoors. 

The Ajax Security System only takes a couple of hours to set up and can be integrated with existing wireless systems. Our team are more than happy to install our products and get you up and running. 

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Yes, the Ajax Security System can be rented on a weekly basis. Please contact us for more details.

The Ajax Security System can be used to protect any domestic or business premises. It is successfully installed in schools, offices, gyms, leisure centres and shops. 

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