Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control Systems

It’s not only our CCTV services which can help you secure your home or business on a daily basis, our biometric access control systems by Dahua can make your property safer in an instant. Ideal for business and commercial premises which need to have secure and high-tech systems in place to protect rooms, property and more, biometric locks are the answer. 

Biometric systems offer an added layer of security on top of your average ID card or PIN, with both facial and fingerprint recognition methods available to keep unwanted intruders out of physical spaces, or even classified data information. 

We offer biometric access control system installations across the North West. For more information, contact us today for a free quote.

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Industry-Leading Biometric Locks

At New Vision Services, we only stock the best biometric locks and security systems from industry leaders such as Dahua, ensuring your business is properly protected. As biometric authentication methods for businesses are on the rise, it’s key that you are fitted with the most effective technology out there to continually keep your property safe.

These biometric systems use pre-stored data to determine whether you are a match or not to their system, and if you are, it will send a signal to the relevant object and give the access you need. 

With a variety of biometric systems on offer from Dahua, we can install the best system for you and your business in the North West. From small businesses to larger companies, there are various reasons why investing in a biometric system would be hugely beneficial to businesses of any and all sizes.

Why choose Biometric Access Control Systems?

Increased Convenience

No more searching around for various different keys which you could lose, break, have stolen and more. From facial recognition, to fingerprint scanning and more, there are so many ways to ensure the utmost security and greater control.

Reduced Risk of Impersonation

Where biometric systems are concerned, you are the key and you cannot be easily cloned or replicated. Unlike traditional keys and passwords, it is significantly more difficult to clone or impersonate a person which allows for a more secure access system. 

Suitable for Residential and Commercial Premises 

There’s no doubt that your business and home are some of the most important things in your life, and therefore it’s key to protect them as much as you can from criminals. We can install biometric access control systems for numerous homes and businesses, no matter the size of your building.

Expert Biometric Access Control Installations

When you choose New Vision Services to install your biometric system for your residential or commercial premises, you are choosing a friendly team who want to ensure your protection and will get the job done right. With vast experience working with Dahua products, as we do for our CCTV installations, we’re ready to add a new layer of security to your property. 

We will guide you through how to use the product upon our installation, and we will always be on hand to help should you need it. We also provide a wide range of other security systems, including vehicle tracking, internal van CCTV, Ajax alarms and more.

To find out more about our access control installation service, please contact us using the form below today!

Dahua Biometric Access Control - Facial Recognition
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