CCTV For Offices

Office CCTV Installation

With the safety of your office staff and company assets of the greatest importance to your business, CCTV security systems could be the necessary solution for your commercial premises.

When it comes to your business, you need to ensure the security of both your physical premises and those who use it. From reasons ranging from evidence collection, to surveillance of surrounding areas, deterring crime and more, CCTV for offices has been increasing in popularity for some time now. 

By installing the latest CCTV technology from industry-leading brands, New Vision Services can help you protect your office space, both internally and externally, whilst always remaining compliant with regulations. Get in touch with our team today to receive your free quote!

CCTV for Offices
CCTV for Offices

Industry-Leading CCTV For Offices

Our cutting-edge CCTV systems from leading brands such as Dahua and Genie empower you to monitor your workspace in real-time, a vital asset which helps you to prevent any anti-social behaviour as and when it occurs. Not only this, but our CCTV cameras will enable you to store data which could be helpful in the event of an insurance claim or the like. 

We can provide you with a competitive quote for your office CCTV installation, as we understand that your company will require the most cost-effective option possible. 

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Why Choose CCTV For Offices?

24/7 Surveillance 

By using CCTV systems within your office environment, your office will be surveilled 24/7 which will enable you to keep an eye on any suspicious activity – no matter whether you’re in the office or not. Installation is available on both an internal and external basis, meaning you can rest assured that your office areas are covered day in, day out.

Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour 

Anti-social behaviour, whether it be in the form of criminal activity where your office property is concerned (such as vandalism or theft), or forms of harassment for example, you can capture the important footage on camera and act upon it accordingly. Simply the presence of a CCTV camera within an office space will inherently reduce the risk of crimes happening.

Resolve Conflicts

In some circumstances and certain lines of business, there may be instances where conflicts occur and external evidence is needed to settle it. This is where CCTV in offices can help to give an unbiased view of the situation, and in doing so can promote a more harmonious working environment.  

Manage Employee Behaviour

As previously mentioned, CCTV cameras inherently promote better behaviour. This could have an overall positive impact on employee productivity and naturally encourage them to adhere to company policies.

Expert Office CCTV Installations

Our experts here at New Vision Services are here to help talk you through your available options when it comes to office CCTV, and provide you with a bespoke, competitive quote based on your individual office requirements. 

We also install CCTV for farms, vans, schools, homes, gyms, stadiums and much more. We can discuss the best options for your commercial premises at an affordable price, so get in touch today for more information!

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