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CCTV For Schools & The Education Sector

With the safety of students, teachers and staff of the utmost importance on a day to day basis, CCTV security systems could be the ideal solution for your school premises. There are numerous reasons why CCTV for schools is becoming a necessity within the education sector, including the monitoring of any suspicious activity, evidence collection, the surveillance of all school grounds, deterring crime and more. And, with youth crime still at a worrying rate, now is the perfect time to invest in a surveillance system.

By employing the latest CCTV technology from well-known brands, New Vision Services can help you protect your school premises, both indoors and outdoors, whilst always remaining compliant with regulations.

Schools must follow the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)’s code of practice, which states that a legitimate reason must be provided for the installation of a school CCTV surveillance system and comply with GDPR regulations.

School CCTV

Industry-Leading CCTV For Education

It is imperative that your premises is installed with a safe security system which meets your requirements in a compliant manner. That’s why we only use the best CCTV brands, such as Dahua and Genie, to provide the highest level of security possible within your school, enabling you to survey your grounds on a real-time and clear basis. 

This is a vital asset when it comes to reducing anti-social behaviour as and when it happens, and you can rely on the fact that our CCTV systems will have stored the video data for future reference.

Not only this, but we can provide you with a competitive quote for this industry-leading technology, as we understand that your school will require the most cost-effective option possible. Get in touch for your school CCTV quote today.

Why Choose CCTV For Schools?

While there are regulations surrounding the installation of CCTV cameras on school premises, there are various ways CCTV can positively and safely influence the school environment.

24/7 Surveillance 

Monitoring your school grounds 24/7 with a secure CCTV system is the most effective way of ensuring the safety of your students, staff and property. Both on an internal and external basis, you can rest assured that your grounds are covered should there be any issue to occur which you need to review via video surveillance.

Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour 

Not only will CCTV cameras enable people to feel safer within the school environment, but it will also deter any instances of anti-social behaviour, bullying, vandalism, theft and more. Simply the presence of a security system will massively reduce the risk of crime from people outside of the school premises also, giving everybody a greater peace of mind.

Collection Of Evidence

Should there be any unwanted behaviour on your school premises, you will have access to video surveillance footage which can help you to investigate the issue further. Whether this be an internal misconduct issue between pupils, or criminal activity, you can rest assured your CCTV system will have collected the necessary evidence to prove it. 

Ofsted Compliance

Ofsted requires schools to take the necessary measures to properly safeguard pupils, and installing a CCTV system for your school could be the best next step. Having effective security measures in place will help you to further protect pupils, whilst still complying to Ofsted’s regulations. 

Expert School CCTV Installations

Without a doubt, we understand that CCTV for education can be a tricky one to navigate. That’s why our experts here at New Vision Services are here to help talk you through your available options, and provide you with a competitive quote based on your individual requirements. 

We also install CCTV for farms, vans, hotels, businesses, homes, gyms, stadiums and much more. Together, we can discuss the best options for your premises at an affordable price. Get in touch today for more information!

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