Off-Grid CCTV

Off-Grid CCTV Installations

Protection for your home, your land, your business and more is of the utmost importance. But when your property is based in a remote, or off-grid location, there can sometimes be tough limitations to overcome where CCTV security systems are involved. 

This can entail trouble with network connectivity, restricted power supplies, difficulties with cabling and much more. Sometimes, a battery and solar power is required instead of conventional electric power. However, here at New Vision Services, we believe that everybody has a right to protect their property with the help of CCTV installations – no matter the location. 

We offer off-grid CCTV installations across the North West of England to help you keep your property safe and secure 24/7. For more information on our off-grid CCTV security products, contact us today using the links below.

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Solar CCTV Camera for Off Grid Locations

Industry Leading Off-Grid CCTV

New Vision Services only stocks the best off-grid CCTV options on the market to reassure you that your CCTV installation is done properly, leaving you with full peace of mind. We use the industry-leading brand, Dahua CCTV to supply you with the most suitable and reliable products for your off-grid location. 

Dahua’s integrated off-grid security systems benefit from 4G network transmission technology with video surveillance and utilises solar power technology to create an integrated off-grid monitoring system. This type of CCTV installation is suitable for locations with limited power supplies and grid-free environments, bringing together more intelligent and accurate monitoring deployment solutions. 

We have plenty of experience fitting CCTV systems in off-grid locations, check out our remote location case study here.

Why choose Off-Grid CCTV?

There are plenty of reasons why it is a great idea to install CCTV security systems in your remote location with the help of New Vision Services. While remote locations will have less footfall coming across your premises, it’s still a smart idea to keep it covered just in case.

Deter Criminals

While it may happen less frequently in comparison to more populated areas, robberies and trespassing still occur in remote locations. In some cases, criminals may choose to target these rural locations because there are fewer people around, like police for example. The presence of a CCTV camera will undoubtedly help to deter criminals from interacting with your property, knowing that they will be on camera.

Low Energy Costs

By installing security cameras in so-called ‘offline’ locations, you can reduce your dependence on the local power grid for electricity, and therefore save money in the process. This makes your CCTV a worthwhile investment for the sake of your property protection, knowing that it is not going to cost you a fortune to run.

Environmentally Friendly

As we have noted, off-grid CCTV cameras often rely on solar energy to keep the cameras running day in, day out. As a renewable energy source, this means that you are being kinder to the environment whilst safeguarding your property at the same time.

Mobile App Connectivity 

Your off-grid security system also allows you to monitor your property from anywhere in the world with the help of a mobile app. This allows you to check your home, business, land and more virtually, as well as sound the alarm if you notice any suspicious activity.

Expert Off-Grid CCTV Installations

We know how important it is to keep your property safe, and sometimes that can feel even more challenging when you are based in a rural area. When you choose New Vision Services to install your off-grid CCTV security system, you can always expect fantastic products, a professional team and great-value prices. We also provide CCTV installations for homes, businesses, vehicles and more. 

We will explain how to use your security system upon installation, alongside any accompanying features like a mobile app for example, to help you fully take advantage of your new off-grid CCTV. Contact us using the form below if you are interested today.

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